Text Reads: "Unlock your best posture: tips from dr. Kelly's posture police" and is accompanied by an image of dr kelly with good posture (ear holes over shoulders over hips), with fingers at her nipple height, pointing forward, as "nipples forward" (not down or up) is a useful tip for ideal posture, which can lead to less pains, leaks and prolapse!

Tips from Dr. Kelly's Posture Police

May 04, 2024

Hey Pelvic Floored Family! 

Guess what? The Posture Police are here to remind you that "Nipples Forward" is the way to go for the best posture ever!  Seriously, talking about NIPPLES is a GREAT cue, to help us keep things in perspective…and have some fun too, right?.

To Help With Posture, Think About Nipples (Really)

Don't slouch, but don't let your nipples wander off to the moon either.


How not to sit or stand #1: Nipples Down.

Posture Police say that working from home is no excuse to let your nipples down.  "Hey, Dr. Kelly, sit up straighter when typing, okay? Nipples FORWARD!”


How not to sit or stand #2: Nipples Down

Carrying stuff during the day is no excuse to lean forward. Posture Police say “engage your core and sit up a bit straighter when carrying things. Nipples forward”


How not to sit or stand #3: Nipples UP!

Don’t be a slouch, but don’t send your nipples to the moon, either.  Having your nipples up isn't great either. Posture Police suggest bringing your ribcage a bit closer together and a bit closer to your belt line so your nipples point forward, lest we compress our spine, and put extra stretch on our tummy region.

The sweet spot of “Nipples Forward”, aka the Best Posture Ever:

“Nipples Forward” means you're balancing all the ab groups, not just one. You draw in your deepest lowest abs to ‘hug your bladder towards your spine’, then while maintaining that brace, you ensure that you can still breathe into your ribcage.  And yes…keep those nips forward, and not down or up.  Practice this posture with simple tasks, then bring it into a starting position for all of your daily activities. This helps optimize pelvic pressure, reducing low back and pelvic pain, and even leakage and prolapse pressure.



So, which one are you? And what will you do to fix it? Here are some ideas:
  • Gently engage your deepest/lowest abs ("hugging your bladder up towards your spine") and scapular groups so your nipples face forward.

  • Can you do this WITH JUST your deep abs and shoulder blade groups....and keep your butt hole relaxed? (If not, buy Vag Lab to learn how TODAY!!)
  • Set a reminder every 30 minutes to check your posture. When it goes off, think, "How's my posture?" Fix it with "active abs, active scape, relaxed butthole...ear holes over shoulders over hips..." Reset time and repeat.

Are you on the Nipples Forward train, aiming for the Best Posture Ever?

Remember, Ear-Holes over Shoulders, over Hips, over Ankle Bones. 

Ear Holes Over Shoulders, Over Hips, Over Ankle Bones. You got this! Nipples forward, best posture ever!!


Improving your posture is totally doable. The Posture Police are proud of you!

Not only is improving this posture doable, it’s a surefire way to help reduce all pelvic complaints.  

To test the waters of how a little knowledge of your "down there" can change your life, consider purchasing Vag Lab, a 2-hour streamable course where I teach you all about posture AND more, iincluding self pelvic floor muscle checks and how to do "the Big 3"!  For a deeper dive into how posture might be affecting your pelvic health, check out the Pelvic Floored Signature Lecture Series, a 12-week curated program of pelvic and global strengthening for optimal pelvic wellness! 

And as always, if you’re ready to invest fully in your body, your health and your future, consider seeing a Pelvic PT in person or online, one:one, to get you en route to YOUR happily ever after :) 


Thanks for reading!

xoxo, Dr. Kelly ๐Ÿ˜Š

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