Life is too short to deal with pee, poop, or seggsy-time problems.


Life is also too short to not be able to do the things we want due to pain or weakness.


Life gets shorter (& less worth living) if we don't know how to build a functional weight training program.  



I am a wife. A mother. A small business owner.

Society might have told you that pelvic pain, pressures, leaks and weaknesses are 'normal' as we age, or as we have surgery or injuries.  

Society might have told you that it's 'normal' to have shame or pain with intimacy, or to lose sexual desire and enjoyment as we age.  

Society is wrong.

I'm here to teach you the real truth: that our pelvises should function perfectly, as long as we live. Sure, they might need rehab from time-to-time, but so does a knee, back or shoulder.  

I want to assure you that no matter if you've had complaints for 6 hours or 60 years, that Pelvic Wellness can benefit you.  And I am here to guide you on a journey of self-discovery and unapologetic confidence.



I was working on my Doctorate, when some close friends, who happened to be collegiate track athletes, confided something in me: they leaked pee when they sprinted.  And sex & tampons hurt.  They asked me two questions: "Was this normal?" and "Could I, as a Physio, help make it better?"

The answers, at that exact moment, were "No, it's not normal, but also no, I can't help you yet, because I'm not trained in those muscles.  Just whatever you do, don't 'just' do kegels."

I felt a called to find what they could do.  I received basic trained in pelvic floor muscle assessments and interventions. I spent 12 weeks working under a pelvic floor specialist. I returned, was able to help my friends.  And since that moment, I have hoped thousands of humans deal with pelvic complaints, and I can't imagine ever practicing in another field of Physiotherapy.

There is joy in helping someone get rid of shoulder pain.  But there is a whole other type of joy in giving someone their whole life back by controlling pee urges; stopping pee or poop leaks; by helping them experience pain free medical exams, or enjoy intimacy for the first time in their life.    

I wanted to help more people than I could possibly reach in one:one care, and in 2019, Pelvic Floored Online Wellness Courses were born...and we've been growing ever since. Will you be our next success story? 

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"Incontinence doesn't kill you--it just takes your life away."


"I bought The Postpartum Class after my 3rd delivery, and can honestly say I learned more in the first 2 weeks of that course than after any of my prior deliveries."

Heather Elliot, Canada