Text reads: "3 reasons kegels are not helping with your leaks". Accompanied by an image of your pelvis and pelvic floor muscles, and Pelvic Floored Logo. It's true that "just doing kegels" doesn't help with leaks--usually because you don't know what you're doing, and only focus on the tightening. The trick is to do it well--Dr. Kelly can teach you.

3 Reasons Kegels Aren't Helping Your Leaks

Mar 23, 2024

Hey there, it's Dr. Kelly, double-board certified Pelvic Physio to the stars! Ever been puzzled about hearing why Kegels might not be right for you? Or have you "been doing kegels for ages", and they haven't helped with your pee urges, anxiety or leaks? Let's break it down, and get you the pelvic floor you deserve :) 

3 Reasons Kegels Might Not Be Your Superhero Move for Managing Leaks:

1. Not nailing the technique:
  • It's not just about squeezing; it's mostly about relaxing, and finding your personal Kegel groove. If you held your hand in a rock-solid-fist ALL day, without rest, the muscles wouldn’t work too well by the evening, to make dinner, would they? Same-thing for pelvic muscles.  For most of us they’re too tight all the time, which is what is making them weak because they’re stiff and unhealthy!  So what most of us really need from a kegel, is to learn to relax!  

  • If this is confusing to you, no worries--I get it!! Check out these fun Instagram posts using a "wall sit analogy" or a "carrying a bag of flour around all day analogy", to help you see the light!  And if you like them, PLEASE share them in your stories, or to your friends and family!!
2. Overlooking the bigger picture:
  • In addition to learning to relax your pelvic muscles, so they can be healthier and help with leaks, posture, hydration, good eats, sleep, and overall muscle strength all play a role. The pelvic floor muscles are an important role in leaks…but truly maybe on 10% of “the big picture”, so you won’t achieve your leak-free dreams by doing isolated pelvic work.

3. Missing a piece of the puzzle:
  • Sometimes you need strength elsewhere or a different coordination pattern. Think of it like a choreographed dance – each body part has to play it’s part, and hit the right steps at the right time. So strength in all the right places, and knowing how to use those muscles at the right time is key. Pelvic Physios, and reputable online programs, can help you do this!

Point: Simply “Telling Someone to do Kegels” is like flipping a coin…50% of the time it won’t work…

 And what’s even more striking, is that just telling someone to do kegels won’t work 50% of the time…25 % of the time it will make someone’s symptoms worse because their issue was that their pelvic muscles were too tight and stiff to begin with…and only, by the grace of God (or a lot of luck), 25% of the time, will “just telling someone” to do kegels actually help their symptoms.

So medical-folks, real people everywhere….if someone tells you to do something that most likely won’t work…but has the SAME CHANCE of hurting you, as helping you? Would you “just do it”? NO WAY, JOSE!!  

So do we give up on them forever??

Counterpoint: “Training Someone” in Pelvic Floor Work is Life Changing.

While “just telling” someone to do kegels is crap, training them in their pelvic floor, their coordination, is absolutely life changing.  We’ve said it once or twice (ha!) around here, that relaxation is key! 

Your pelvic physio, or trusted online program will train you in what YOUR body needs from a Kegel, and under their guidance, 80% of us will see improvement!

How to Kegel Like a Pro:
  • Explore the blog for a free step-by-step guide to improve your chances of success.

  • Test your pelvic know-how, with Vag Lab, where you'll learn all about what's normal for pee & poop, and how to do self vulvar and pelvic floor muscle assessments, including Kegels!!

  • Take a deep, deep, dive with Pelvic Floored's Flagship Course, The Signature Series. It's the closest thing to at home Pelvic Physio, without actually being Pelvic Physio, that you can find!!  I personally feel that as I progress to each level of exercise, it's like unlocking the secrets to a new level in a video game!

  • Still Stumped? Connect with a Pelvic Physio, or make an appointment with me (in person or Telehealth available) because investing in your pelvic health is investing in your future!!

Stop investing in things that only cover up the symptom. Start investing in the solution, which is YOUR body, YOUR muscles and YOUR health. You Are Worth It!

Thanks for reading!

xoxo, Dr. Kelly ๐ŸŒˆ


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