$197.00 USD

Ultimate Pregnancy & Delivery Compilation!!

What?!?! ALL THREE of Dr. Kelly's top selling Pregnancy Classes AND Access to Push Prep??  Buy this now, before this offer disappears!!!

What you'll get:

  • 1. Bump Lab, the BEST 2 hour pregnancy class, ever. Watch this to learn all about your amazing changing body, nutrition, pee and poop changes in pregnancy AND seggsy time changes!!
  • 2. Weight Lifting in Pregnancy: Did you know that weight lifting in pregnancy is GOOD for your and baby??  Real truths, mythbusting, full workouts for each trimester AND the super-bonus-feature of "substitutions if..." is a section that you can pull up in a workout class if the class is doing something you don't want to do!  
  • 3. Pregolicious: This is the "problem-solving" course. Yes, all pregnancies should be painfree and leakfree...but some aren't. This course teaches you "why" these common but not normal things happen, and what to do to fix them!!
  • 4. Push Prep!! THE ONE delivery prep course that Dr. Kelly wished existed when she was expecting!!  Education to stages of labor, birth partner key tips, and labor and delivery positions for 'usual' and 'unique' circumstances (what if you have a lumbar disc herniation? or spinal stenosis? or hardware in your pelvis?--I've got you!!)

ALL of that for US&197!!?!??!  

Streamable from your computer, phone or tablet!

Referenceable for this, and any future, pregnancies!!  

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